Anxiety affects our day to day performance and efficiency.  
Anxiety is a hindering response in circumstances in which
we feel helpless.  

Some of the responses to anxiety are:
•  palpitations, or pounding heart
•  sweating
•  trembling or shaking
•  shortness of breath
•  chest pain or discomfort
•  nausea or abdominal distress
•  lightheadedness
 fear of losing control
•  fear of dying
(source: DSM-IV)

2. Use your breathing to keep yourself as calm and relaxed as possible.
3. Through your awareness, keep your mind and body relaxed.
4. Avoid negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts.
7. Spend time in natural settings.
8. Focus on your blessings and positive attributes rather than else you could have.
9. Eat healthy (avoid processed food).
10. If you still find it difficult to relax and enjoy yourself, chances are high your anxiety may have
deeper roots. To work through your anxiety, seek professional help.