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LPC Interns:

"The LPC Intern license (also known as the temporary license) will no longer be
eligible for renewal or extension. The license will now be issued for a 5-year
time frame with no provision for renewal or extension beyond the 5 years. If you
were issued a license in the last 3 years and have not had an extension, we will
automatically add 2 years to the length of your license and send you a new wallet
card that reflects your new expiration date. This will occur at the time you
become eligible for extension.

If you have not completed your 3,000 hours of post graduate supervised
experience within the 5-year time frame, you must reapply for a new LPC-Intern
license and you must meet the current rules that are in effect at the time you
reapply, including retaking the NCE exam. The NCE exam score is valid for 5

For more information regarding LPC Board requirements, please visit the
Board Web Site" .
Supervision is designed to assist counseling interns
in becoming skilled practitioners. Counseling
supervisions will take place in the office not in the
internship sites. Weekly meetings are required by
the LPC board.