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The Road to Wellness and
Inner Satisfaction ...
Life is a journey and your
world is in your own hand...
About the Process:  

I bring over 18 years of experience of my work with
individuals from all walks of life to our work in helping you
reach your goals. In addition to my traditional counseling and
coaching training and experience, I bring in other skills such
as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing,
Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Stress
Management techniques to speed up the process of change
and give you as many tools as possible in removing the
obstacles that my have slowed you down in the past.

Stressors in life are many. Identifying stressors and learning to
handle stress efficiently is the key to living in balance and
harmony. Sometimes taking a close look at one or two
stressors and making some minor changes or learning some
stress management techniques is enough to make a significant
change in our lives. At other times a closer look at deeper
issues may be necessary to bring about the desirable change.

The need to work with a professional may be based on
emotional, physical, or behavioral dilemmas that hinder one
from experiencing and practicing one’s full potential in life.
During this confidential process, the client and the therapist
collaboratively examine the areas of concern and set specific
goals to be achieved.  Once the goals have been set and
defined, the Coach/therapist acts as a facilitator in helping the
client make the necessary changes to achieve the desired
goals. In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I use other
tools such as hypnosis, EMDR (Eye Movement
Desensitization Reprocessing), and EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) to assist my clients in finding balance in their lives.

This process allows for, but is not limited to, self awareness
and examination of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
Through this awareness, undesired habits and patterns of
behavior can be re-examined and changed in order to produce
a different emotional response and a more joyful
experience in life.

Weekly sessions are recommended at the beginning to allow
continuity in the process of self examination and awareness.
Once options have been explored, changes have been made
and the desired results accomplished, a gradual termination
helps with monitoring and maintaining the changes.
Feeling healthy is crucial to pursuing life goals. Emotional dilemmas
can become an obstacle to directing one's energy in the desired
direction and therefore reaching the desired outcomes.

Depression and Anxiety are the two most common dilemmas that
stand in our way of feeling a sense of emotional balance in life.
Our feelings are a result of the interaction between our brain
chemistry, environment, thought patterns, behaviors, and other
aspects of our being. Gaining a sense of balance in life requires
a balanced interaction among these faculties.

Whether the present emotional dilemma is a result of physiological
concerns such as cancer or other illnesses,  family issues such as
birth or loss of a child, or work related issues such as relationship
with co-workers, it is possible to change and gain more satisfaction
in life.