What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in changing negative habits. Research in effects of
hypnotherapy has found this tool successful in the following areas among many
others (see references to research at the end of the page):
  •        Quit Smoking
  •        Pre-Post Surgery
  •        Weight Management
  •        Performance Enhancement

When it comes to breaking harmful or negative habits, even though the conscious
mind is aware of the healthy and unhealthy habits, most of the times the unconscious
mind takes over and makes change difficult, sometimes impossible. It is not impossible
to change habits and hypnotherapy is a tool that empowers you to overcome the
unconscious mind.

What Can I Use Hypnotherapy For?
  •        Quit Smoking
  •        Pre-Post Surgery
  •        Weight Management
  •        Performance Enhancement
  •        Any negative habit

What Should I Expect To Experience?

During the process of hypnotherapy, you are completely aware and conscious. You
will hear and remember everything that is being said. To begin with, you will learn to
relax your body and mind and with the instructions you receive from the
hypnotherapist bring your brain waves from Bata (18-40 CPS) to Alpha and then
Theta (8-18 CPS) which is associated with medium and deep levels of hypnosis.
that this technique is a great stress management tool which is a side effect
of hypnotherapy.
When your brain reaches the Theta level, it is open to suggestions
and changing the old messages to new. Hypnosis is a form of reprogramming the
brain. During this time, your therapist will suggest positive and empowering statements
that will override the negative old messages based on the information you provided